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A great day for coffee lovers and vegans alike! While I am all for supporting independent coffee shops, it is great to see large corporations taking notice of the demand for dairy alternatives. Last week, Dunkin' Donuts announced plans to add an almond milk option to about 75 percent of its stores. Starbucks is now testing coconut milk in stores in Los Angeles, Cleveland and Oregon as alternatives to traditional dairy products grow more popular. Starbucks is not testing almond milk at this time due to the 'critically important safety of our customers with nut allergies.'
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Sweet! I'll probably stick to americanos but this is great for those who want it
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awesome news! I'd heard about Starbucks but didn't know Dunkin was trying it out too. are a lot of people allergic to nuts for it to be a concern like that? I mean I know peanuts are a big allergy, but didn't realize Starbucks had that policy.
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Wonderful news for vegans and the lactose intolerant!
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The soy milk at Starbucks isn't your best choice (sugary!) but its great that these options are available!
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We get asked about almond milk 10,000 times a day at Starbucks. It's a shame!
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