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After a failed relationship, Nobuko puts her all into dieting and finds success. She begins to work for her favorite fashion magazine, and just when her new life is falling into place she meets Taiichi, a handsome patissier. However, when Nobuko eats cakes, she can't stop - moreover, if she gains weight, she'll be fired. In the end, will Nobuko rebound...? i haven't seen the drama but it sounds good.. has anyone seen this? #RMPW community
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@soula81, oh really.. i guess have it... .. gonna check it out later
@soula81 you've seen it? how is it?
it was just so so
ohh.. then i guess it would have to wait till i finish the other good suggestions!!
yes, i remember watching this but i didn't remember watching the whole thing. there is another similar to this called "200 Pounds of Beauty " the Korean movie