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DraconiteDragon is a YouTube video content maker and computer enthusiast from Canada who makes kid-friendly Roblox and Minecraft games. DraconiteDragon is also a member of The Krew, a band that is known for its cover tunes.

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Quick Facts

Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Siblings, Childhood & Education

Who is DraconiteDragon? DraconiteDragon has 22 years on this planet. He was born in Canada on May 12, 1998, under the zodiac sign Taurus. There is no information about his parents, their upbringing or other information. Allen is his name. He, too, has four siblings. PaintingRainbows, GoldenGlare, ItsFunneh, and LunarEclipse are his sisters on YouTube. He is the youngest member of the group.

DraconiteDragon is a Canadian-Japanese citizen with Asian ancestry. His educational background is not available. Additionally, among his five siblings, he's the third most famous.

DraconiteDragon's Height, Weight and Body Measurement

What is the height of DraconiteDragon? DraconiteDragon is 22 years old. He wears glasses and has a pleasant personality. He is taller than average and has slim, slender, and slim legs. In addition, he has dark brown eyes and brown hair. Additionally, there are no details on the internet about his height, weight, or body stats in addition to other details.

DraconiteDragon's Profession & Career

Allen who goes by the name of DraconiteDragon is a well-known Canadian YouTuber and computer enthusiast. He is famous for his DraconiteDragon website where he posts implicit pictures of the real world and kid-friendly gaming. He's also a creative and skilled gamer who enjoys Roblox and Minecraft. He is also a skilled streamer and creates a relaxing gaming environment for his fans. He has a massive following as a gaming enthusiast, with over 908k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He also launched his YouTube channel DraconiteDragon on May 7 the 7th of May, 2011. "Candy Speed Art" was the title of his debut film. The article was published on June 16, 2013, and has received more than 252,551 views. The video was accompanied by another animated video of the same nature. He started posting Minecraft gameplay videos. He also started posting Roblox material. Additionally, each of his gaming videos garnered a wide range of views, which encouraged him to make more of the same.

His YouTube channel has gained popularity over the years. DraconiteDragon is YouTuber's gaming platform. It now has more than 908k subscribers. It has also received nearly 60 million views in total. Roblox Videos!, Gaming Videos!, Minecraft Videos! and Funny Gaming Videos! are among his YouTube video content.

"HIDING IN ROBLOX!" is one of the most watched videos and uploads. Will Anyone ASSIST Me? It was uploaded on August 28, 2017 and has almost 9,495,461 views. The video is a mini-roleplaying game that is based on Roblox's gaming platform.

Other notable gaming films include "Trapped in an abandoned prison - Don't let it catch me- Get out of the Facility in Roblox" and "TRAPPEDIN AN ABANDONED Prison!" Do not ever to ever EVER EVER EVER "WHAT'S her secret?" and "Flee The Facility in Roblox!" GETTING OUT OF GRANDMA'S HOUSE IN ROBLOX!" Millions of people have seen these films. There are also a lot of videos with over one million views.

He also took a break for several months from YouTube between December 2017-October 2018. He returned to YouTube on October 16, 2018 with "The Scare Cam!" in Roblox Halloween Horror Nights. His fans were thrilled to see him return and have given him lots of praise.

DraconiteDragon's Net Worth and Income

What is the amount DraconiteDragon earn? DraconiteDragon is a well-known YouTuber who has amassed a substantial fortune thanks to his YouTube popularity. The primary source of his income is his YouTube channel. According to his YouTube statistics he has uploaded 31 videos so far and has more than 56.7 millions views. He was worth $134,000 as of May 2020.

DraconiteDragon's girlfriend, marriage & Relationship

Who is DraconiteDragon's girlfriend? DraconiteDragon could be single or in a relationship, depending on his personal life. His private life has been kept out of the public spotlight and he hasn't spoken publicly about his relationship life. On his social media profiles He only shares his photos and a few images of food. Additionally, there is no detail about his past relationships.

He has not been involved in controversial actions in his professional or personal lives. He has maintained a professional appearance. On a personal level, as shown in his video, he's a fun-loving, energetic, and upbeat individual. His videos demonstrate that he's addicted to food and will devour anything and everything.

DraconiteDragon's Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

He is active on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. His YouTube videos have earned him an enormous amount of attention. He also uses the Instagram username @draconitedragon. has more than 208k followers.

In addition, he has around 11k Facebook followers and more than 97.3k Twitter fan followers. He has 993k YouTube subscribers and also has a YouTube channel.