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IT isn't it technology anymore as it can't cure something like ebola
IT is too much inflated compared to other things in this world. Look what Apple did to their Apple watch! Shame on them!
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Can software or smartphone stop this deadly disease?
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I'm not sure smartphones are meant to be put towards curing diseases, but I agree that more effort could be put into using technology for medical purposes.
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I do agree that technology is a lot more than just gadgets. I think the kind of innovation that goes into them can lead to a lot of really excellent advances including medical ones. Penicillin itself was created as a simple accident, and it saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Now I'm not saying the Apple watch is going to do something like that, but there's always hope.
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It's a matter of time , it will coz Ebola virus it's a new phenomenon that newly released.
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