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Please stop thinking that gross, bad thought as you watch this. don't need it. The Snackeez is a snacktraption beneath your dignity. Your fancy car says that you are a wealthy person. Your jeans on a hot day say that you are a cool person. Your fishing pole might say you're a bass man. And: Your Snackeez snacks-and-beverage cup says that you are a sad weirdo who cannot bear to be parted from Fritos for five goddamn seconds. If I see anyone one out on the lake fishing with one of these (Somehow I fear it...) I will gladly laugh at them.
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can this even be real?! where do people come up with this stuff XD
@AgentCory I don't know but I wish they wouldn't
Who knew a dumb cup could be so exciting.
@tomahhtoe They nearly had me sold. And then I realized just how stupid it was!