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GOOD NEWS FOR ALL "Y.E.H" FANS IN INDONESIA..Her drama will aired by ANTV...it aired if i don't mistake on September 10th and it is a replacement of the drama where drama BBF will enter the final episode... Her drama that will published is "COFFE PRINCE" ..this drama ever aired on LBS Channel..i can hardly wait for her drama aired on TV... My assessment of her drama is perfect...no funny,no sadness,just complete..i hope ANTV wouldn't stopped here,i want ANTV will be main trendstter in drama series,especially Korean drama... GLORY..GLORY YOON EUN HYE
really like her.. she's so beautiful
let watchingcoffee prince now...
This drama is very nice, happy to watch it on an-tV ... thank you very much .. scene that is played by the very good artist and touching ... and I hope an-tV drama would serve Yooneunhye who has never aired in Indonesia is "The Vineyard Man" because I think this is great drama ... please .. thanks a lot .
thank you..and perfect drama
Very good drama :)