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Cyclist stops a four-way stop and a kid drives through the intersection without stopping, sideswiping the cyclists. It is obvious the kid did not see the cyclist, but that does not defend his actions. At least he was apologetic. There is something to be said about defensive cycling. I know I've avoided a countless number of accidents just by reacting quickly to someones stupid driving. However, I'm not sure there is much one can do to avoid this situation.
That's way you don't enter an occupied intersection. Everyone in the scene is at fault. Even the red car. You don't block an intersection. I see this all the time. it's driving 101.
I think from my motorcycling days I learned to assume other drivers were going to not stop, at a light or a stop sign. It has saved me countless times in my car. I automatically look both ways even on a green light, paranoid...but safe. This guy looks like he did almost the same thing