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Longboarding as a sport has advanced to new heights with the introduction of longboard sliding. Learn how to make a pair of your own slide gloves. CHEAP. Slide gloves allow you to add third or even fourth pivot point (two trucks and your hand) that allows you to leverage your wheels against the grain of the hill to give longboarders a greater degree of speed control.
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I just need to find extra small slide gloves. This is cool, but way beyond my skill set...
@carenvendetti You can always just find a pair of work gloves that fit you and use velcro instead of bolts. I've had a few friends do that and they held up pretty well.
That way you could just buy velcro'd pucks from normal slide gloves without having to pay for a full set
Thanks @teamwaffles, but for my first pair I feel more comfortable not depending on DIY. I found a pair of Landyachtz. They're not black, but I'll manage. :)