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I really enjoyed watching the drama, I can easily watch it online before they received the 29.(something)% rating. All of the sudden my dreams came crashing down to "buffering-ville" watching for snippets of each episode, and waiting for days to watch the drama. This is so cruel!!! but I just try to look on the bright side of this, as long as Donghae is on the screen every time it buffers I'll keep my mouth zipped... Do you know where I can watch the drama aside from viki? I really hope it will be uploaded to Youtube again.
second what neaa said!
soula81 glad you enjoyed it.. elisaalcaide try recapping this drama.. you'll do great.. i loved your summary!!
wow thanks neaa for the tip to read the recap and thanks elisaalcaide14 for doing the recap! much appreciated. You should put it in a separate card so everyone can see. I wouldn't know if it hadn't been for neaa's card!
thankyou.. off to work.. bbye :) :)
@neaa: go! go! go! fighting! you can finish it on time!
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