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In EP 5 & 6, Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog is getting closer and closer. A lot of sweet and cute moments between the 2 characters. You can obviously see the two with undiscovered attraction between them. But because I'm at lost with the story because of the language, questions in my head piled up. This is the flow of EP 6 and I was hoping to find a recap of ep 6 over the net, but failed. Any korean speaking vinglers there to enlighten us on EP6? The EP5 eng sub, still can't find one.
Just saw ep 6 it this morning. In dramacrazy they post the Saturday ep on Monday and Sunday ep on Tuesday. Really patience is a virtue when it comes to ongoing dramas. heheheehe
I watched subbed on Viki.com. Also, Dramacrazy but they do not always sub as quickly as viki.
@neaa: Thanks! That's why I kept posting regarding this drama... I was hoping someone will notice my plea! hehehehe :) RECAP PLEASE!!!!!
elisaalcaide really nice pictures.. even i wonder what happened in ep 5 n 6