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The Eun Ji Won and Shin So Yul couple will finally get together and kiss in the next episodes of tvN’s Reply 1997, which will air on September 4. In the previous 12th episode, the Hak Chan (Eun Ji Won) and Yoo Jung (Shin So Yul) couple were hit with a bunch of issues. Hak Chan introduced Yoo Jung to his mother not as his lover, but merely as a girl he knows, and on top of that, the two quarreled over Hak Chan’s move to Hawaii. Hak Chan was about to ask her to wait for him with a touching event, but Yoo Jung exploded with disappointment before he was able to do anything. In the preview released for the following episodes, however, the two are shown hiking together six years later. Hak Chan especially musters his courage and, though he had been meek and embarrassed in front of Yoo Jung in the past, makes a heartfelt confession, saying, “Did you miss me? I’m sorry I’m late. I love you.” Yoo Jung seems to be touched by his words, and pulls him into a kiss. On set, the two felt awkward around each other at first, but soon got into the mood and whipped up a great scene with some romantic acting. Netizens who saw the preview left comments such as, ‘I was worried because they went their separate ways last episode, but they’re meeting again six years later! I hope they never part and live happily ever after’, ‘I was touched by Hak Chan’s confession. He has me smiling’, ‘Eun Ji Won’s first kiss scene in 14 years since Seventeen! Great acting’ and ‘Love Yoo Jung’s grabbing kiss. I’ll have to try it sometime.’ Reply 1997 is set in Busan in the 1990s, and is about the lives of six unique high school students. In 2012 they get together as 33 year olds at a high school reunion, and start talking about what happened in the year 1997. The drama has been gathering explosive popularity, staying at the top of viewership rating charts for six weeks in a row with ratings close to 4 percent.