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Faith is a drama about the romance between the Goryeo warrior Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) and the present-day doctor Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun), as well as their voyage to help bring up a nation’s true king. Director Kim Jong Hak and scriptwriter Song Ji Na of Hourglass and The Legend fame helm the drama. To this issue-making piece, Shin Yong Jae, who won KBS2’s Immortal Song 2 with his explosive vocals, will be lending a helping hand with his Lee Min Ho theme song Because I Walk Slowly. Shin Yong Jae’s soothing voice will express the desperate love Choi Young holds in his heart. Because I Walk Slowly is a ballad that stands out with its stylish rhythm and sensual melody, which are reminiscent of a fantasy romance. The lyrics ‘Though time may stop, though my heart may stop, you’ll live in my arms again like a fantasy. I love you, as much as my heart beats for you. Please smile and give your tears to me; that is my happiness. There will never be another, even in death, though I cough up my heart, someone who will stay,’ show the sad love Choi Young holds toward his one woman. Shin Yong Jae’s powerful yet emotional voice and the sad lyrics are expected to come together and shake the hearts of its listeners. Many are looking forward to how the great vocalist Shin Yong Jae will portray Choi Young’s love. Shin Yong Jae said after wrapping up recording for the song, “The lyrics are so good. The entire time I was singing this song I felt my heart sink slowly into sadness. I believe they portray Choi Young’s feelings well.” The OST for Faith was sung by other great singers such as Jang Hye Jin, MC Sniper and Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun and Sung Hoon. The production company Starhaus told enews on August 31, “Shin Yong Jae’s strong yet sad voice mingles well with Choi Young’s emotions. The OST for Faith will draw in Korea’s best singers and fill many hearts with emotion. Please look forward to what songs each singer will sing.” Because I Walk Slowly will be released through music sites on September 3. Photo credit: Happy Face Entertainment