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N Blue’s youngest, 21-year old Kang Min Hyuk was swept with rumors that he′d be going to the army, but it turned out that the rumors only began due to his role in the KBS drama Unexpected You. Kang Min Hyuk’s army enrollment became a hot topic after his character, Cha Se Kwang, received his service letter and was revealed to enter mandatory army services within a month in the drama. With Cha Se Kwang deeply in love with his sister’s sister-in-law, Bang Mal Sook (Oh Yeon Seo), he decides that he will get married before entering the army, creating a huge dilemma for both families. Unexpected You, starring Kim Nam Ju and Yoo Jun Sang has been dubbed as a national drama with more than 40 percent in ratings. The drama is set to end on September 9 with a total of 58 episodes.