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Why are there so many different languages in the world? How did they chance? Why is Latin gone? This video answered a few questions I've had before about language. Though the base of this video is a time when communal groups would divide, and thus they divided linguistically as well. Vocabulary and punctuation also develop to match the needs of that group. While it is possible to find our how languages relate, it can be incredibly difficult! Is Turkish related to Korean? Really? Why? These are questions it takes a linguist to answer. There are somewhere between 3000-8000 languages in use today. Do you know where yours came from?
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@galinda It should at least be easier!
It's very wonderful how wrong speak myriad languages. some words may be fine with a tribe and some other words may be quite offensive with another tribe especially in Africa.
@HashiruMohammed That's very true--there are even words like that between languages like English and French i.e. words that mean something non-offensive in English, but are very offensive in French!
Their so many languages in world. for example Canadian English or I will say acent or pronunciation different from American and that of Britain.
@solomanademuyiw Very true! It's amazing what accents appear, too; every language has them.