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The internet makes learning easier, right? Yes, and no. Yes, it makes it easier. No, it doesn't make it better. Just because the internet is at our fingertips doesn't mean we can easily learn more. We must adapt the proper strategies to do so! Having the internet, good teachers, and good books is not enough to make us fantastic learners. We must also look at ourselves, and become active learners who both want to learn, and want to apply that acquired knowledge! 1. Try to learn and do something harder than you ever have. It is scary, but after passing that fear, you'll gain a great sense of satisfaction. You need to stretch your mind past its current limits, just like you would any other muscle! 2. Focus on several areas. Choose a few areas, and learn deeply, thoroughly about those areas. You can learn the skills of cross-disciplinary thinking which will help you be generally more curious. 3. View everything as a chance to learn and expand. There are so many diverse sources of potential knowledge: use them! 4. Utilize the best online resources. The internet might be making us complacent, but it is also one of the greatest resources out there. Learn to use it well. 5. Meet other learners and teachers. Collaboration helps you build on your knowledge. In-person and online communities will both help. Seeing other peoples enthusiasm for learning will make you want to learn, too. 6. Use Evernote. Or something. Just write it down, revisit it, remember it. 7. Use Pocket. It allows you to save anything you want. So, when you have a moment, you'll always have an article or course ready to read! 8. Don't waste time on bad books. Find good books from Goodreads or various reviews. Ask friends. Read good things, because we don't have time to waste on bad ones. Life is too short to read 9. Teach it. Nothing helps you understand a topic (or, see what you don't know about it, or what you're more curious about within it) like teaching it. Teaching someone else requires a much higher level of knowledge, so teach someone! Or, submit your knowledge to a collaborative project that will push your understanding. 10. Use Social Media for learning. This one can be hard, but if you use your Facebook or Twitter only to have real, engaging discussions, and to follow blogs and newspapers that share interesting content, you will learn even more. Your social media feed will transform from selfies to high-quality food for thought. 11. Learn for life. Those who learn best are those who are constantly learning: keep learning. Learn more for work. Do more. Learn for life, and you'll be a better learner.
@ChristinaBryce Googling can be learning, too! Just make sure to not only search for the answer, but for the hows and whys!
I google everything and learn nothing....oops
I go through phases where I learn so much on the internet, and then proceed to forget it all. Note taking is so important!!
I think point number 4 is key. I am guilty of scanning wikipedia for hours but not really learning anything. there are so many online resources with better content for those who actually want to learn!