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What happens when teenagers are presented with a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)? “It looks like a brick!” “Is this a gameboy?” And then the girl who had a cell phone case with an NES case on it but didn’t know what the system was XD Some of these kids are younger than me, most are older, and yet somehow I know what a Nintendo NES is. Maybe it’s just because my dad played old games with me when I was little, but it doesn’t seem that hard to figure out.
@danidee they aren't that cheap but they are usually less than $100. At least in my area they are. u could prob go to and see what they have???
Most GameStops have them now lol it's like a retro system or something. @danidee
@danidee You should! I had a good laugh at my own expense!!
@LadyLuna Lmao, now I'm curious to try!
@danidee yeah it was bad! :(
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