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Camping might not seem like it's for you (and maybe it's not!) but you'll never know until you give it a try. There are hundreds of resources to "learn to camp" online, but why should you? You probably are not going to get eaten by a bear or start a forest fire. Here are just a few of the many reasons why camping is totally awesome. 1. People outdoors move more – Spending time outside naturally leads to more physical activity, and who doesn't need a little bit more of that? 2. An opportunity to find what you can do without. This one might seem a little weird, but do you ever feel cluttered at home? Like you have too much stuff? After going camping, you'll have a better idea of what items you truly missed, and what you can live without! 3. Natural spaces provide physically challenging environments – Rough and uneven surfaces, rocks, logs and water give help you hone and develop coordination, balance and physical strength. It's great for kids to develop these skills, too, so consider taking your little ones with you! 4. A diverse, multisensory experience – Perfect for pushing boundaries and learning new skills, leading to self-confidence and a sense of adventure. 5. Nature is scary — but being unplugged is awesome. You can totally appreciate being unplugged for a few hours or days. Sure, you could pack up all you need to bring that technology along, but it's way easier to leave it behind. I know, I know — the idea of going without your phone is probably sending you into a mild panic (even if you don’t want to admit it) … but if you give it a try you’ll discover how completely freeing it is. 6. Sunsets, sunrises, stars, campfires, trees, grass, fresh air: need I say more? 7. It’s just really, really fun.
Thank you for still saying nature is scary hahah! I hate when people tell me it's not....I'll definitely consider going!
@timeturnerjones fear is a form of respect; you have to respect nature!
Number 7 is all you need!