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Here is a little diagram on all the grabs! Perspective is from a regular stance rider.
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i have really bad vision its kind of hard for me to read but thank you KTN
3 years ago·Reply
no problem man. Anytime. Just click on it and download it. or just zoom in. You should be able to get a read on it then
3 years ago·Reply
i did and its very blurry :\ thanks man
3 years ago·Reply
im really only having problems with the color key on the bottom left
3 years ago·Reply
ok @JoeyMotionless I got you. yellow is rear hand. brown is front hand. blues is both of them. red is rear hand going between the legs, and the last one, crimson is front hand through the legs. the last two are steezy as heck. its all about that Canadian Bacon;)
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