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Awesome view of what California has to offer in just over 4 minutes! I haven't been there since I was much, much younger, and now I definitely want to take a trip to the West coast. The videographer Hal Bergman is thinking of releasing "extended edition" at some point since he has so much more footage: this is just a glimpse. Find out more about his process by following the link to a full interview!
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@danidee Hahaha you're welcome!
I went from San Francisco to L. A. But we flew for 1 thing, and also, I was so young that I didn't appreciate it. It looks Fabulous
@Amye1 Hopefully you can drive it someday; it really is beautiful!
Ahhh~ so many golden memories in this beautifully shot video. I miss Cali!
@stargaze Glad I could share it with you :)