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@Reyhaneh perhaps you can catch him at Incheon Airport Seoul between 27-30 September 2014. He will be going to Malaysia at that time .
3 years ago·Reply
I wish I could go to malaysia...why not Indonesia once again :-( @lienleeminho will u go there ?
3 years ago·Reply
Nope @cherryred . It's private meetings for Osim customer , some employees and 50 lucky fans who won photo contest . The photo should be taken at Osim booth in Malaysia . Hmm... or should I go to KLIA airport to see him touching down ? Big sacrifice to see him for only couple minutes :)
3 years ago·Reply
you should kidnap and bring him to Jkt,Srby,Bali ;-)
3 years ago·Reply
@cherryred Lee Kyu Hyeon bodyguard will block our way hahahahahaah
3 years ago·Reply