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Full House: Take 2, the sequel to the famous early Hallyu Asian hit Full House starring Rain as a top Korean star in a contract marriage with Song Hye Kyo. It’s been nearly a decade since the original, and the sequel starring No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum, and Park Ki Woong had completed filming this past Spring and was just waiting for an air date and channel. Turns out this Korean-Japanese co-production will be airing in Japan first, on channel TBS starting in early October. cr:koalasplayground storyline: (cr:viki) For a variety of events, she must move into the home of a rich family, thanks to her resemblance to the wife of the grandfather of this family, he wants her to marry his little grandson (Ki Woong) After a few months the eldest grandson returns to Korea (Min Woo) which is a famous actor. Having a very bad relationship between them. Ki falls for her and she apparently begins to feel things for her fiance Little by little Min Woo will begin to feel curious about his future sister in law.
same here, I love watching No Min Woo's drama
that's what you call an ajumma hairstyle just like oska in secret garden...^^ lol
omg, the hairstyle ~~~~
me too.. i loved no min in MGIG too.. though i don't like the male lead's hairstyle... in that scene in which no min has fallen in the pit, he looks creepy
if this turns out like all park ki woong's drama, i guess he won't get the girl again in the end..he's always the 2nd male lead who doesn't get the girl..poor shunji.. but i love no min since MGIG...^^
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