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Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes made his strongest comments yet about the possibility of selling standalone subscriptions to HBO Go, the network’s streaming service. At the moment, the internet service for the premium channel behind Game of Thrones and a long list of other hit shows is only available through some form of pay TV subscription. HBO has been experimenting with cheaper packages that barely require pay TV but are still sold through Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and others. "So now the broadband opportunity is getting quite a bit bigger, and the ability of the plant to deliver something robust is getting stronger; and so the question you’re asking is becoming more viable, more interesting. What we’re trying to do is basically make sure that we’ve done everything we can with our distributors to take advantage and have them take advantage of what customers they could have. And we’ve got to keep looking actively. We’re seriously considering what is the best way to deal with online distribution, but I don’t have anything to announce about it today."
I feel like more and more people are going to have no cabke and all paid networks only!
File this under "things that would be extremely awesome" OMG! not that I really watch much HBO cause my parents are iffy about it, but maybe if this went through I could...