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Nega Network, Brown Eyed Girls' agency, told that the firm will debut a trio boy band in early October. "The new group is called LUNAFLY and the boys have powerful vocals and are skilled in playing instruments like the acoustic guitar. Their music genre mostly embraces band music. They are working hard in preparing for their debut," the rep explained. Last Thursday, Brown Eyed Girls' member Jea posted a picture of herself on her official Twitter account, posing with the members of LUNAFLY. In the photograph, Jea is seen putting her thumb up at the center with Teo, Sam and Yun with a comment that read, "This is LUNAFLY! The younger brothers to Brown Eyed Girls! These three members are really talented in music! You're going to show your support for them right??" Member Sam, who is half British and half Korean and a former professional footballer, has already let himself known to the public by appearing in MBC's "Star Audition: The Great Birth" as one of the contestants.