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Ep 1 Recap: 
 Ep 2 Recap: Ep 3 Recap: Ep 4 Recap: Ep 5 Recap: Ep 6 Recap: Ep 7 Recap: START CY is now fighting with EJ. GC said, "catch this traitor who dare to betray the King." He tried to fight, but looking at ES who is captured by them, he surrendered. He is now handcuffed and all his weapon were taken away. GC went to the prince room and check the prince, but he is dead already. GC said, "instead of giving this to CY, the prince drank it." Now ES is with SI. ES said, "everything is weird. the things that I am doing now...are different from the history I know. What happen if he keep dragged away like this?" SI said, "of course he has to die. if you want to ask something, you can ask my brother (GC)." OH no now they put CY inside a cage. ES was looking at him from faraway, and then left with GC. In the palace, the queen now is going to meet the king. Lady Choi said, "now the guards who are protecting the king is not woodalchi. They are GC's people." Queen suddenly remember the bad guys who attacked her when she was about to go to GC's house, and she asked Lady Choi,"so it means the people who attack me are GC's people?" Lady Choi said, "according to the woodalchi warriors, yes, they are GC's people." The king is now alone, "trapped" in an empty room, without nothing. When he wanted to leave the room, the guards didnt let him. The mute herbalist bring a carriage to the palace. She said she want to pass the door to bring the carriage in, but he was trying to get the guards attention, so an woodalchi can enter the place. That guard finally entered the place and met the other woodalchi warriors fellows who are currently captured. He told them that now General CY is dragged in a cage from Ganghwa Island, and they are now thinking what they should do. SHould day save him or whether there is other ways. Now CY is in the prison, alone?? (no! with a rat! yucks). he is thinking now about the prince (that he stabbed to release his pain) and how the prince drank the poison instead of him...and he cried...oh my poor Lee Min Ho...and now he is thinking of ES, who tried to avoid him after he stabbed the prince. He took out his aspirin bottle, and took out the present given from ES to him (the yellow flower - now dried hehe). and he just lie down now..he can't stop thinking about ES, and also about how she hates him for killing people and how she hates blood smell. Meanwhile, ES who is now alone is also thinking about CY. She remember what CY told her, "I told you to trust me. Just stay next to me and wait for me." Now she met GC and his people, and GC greet her politely, so ES said, "you guys are really weird. last time when I was here, you guys treat me so casually..why did you change? what is your reason?" GC said, "because you are a doctor sent from the heaven." ES said, "so what do you have with you. show me your card." GC took out her operation tools that he stole last time, and took out his own set of surgery tools (that was given by his teacher). It was actually the same set, only GC's set is old and rusty. When ES touch the tools, strangely, it's written "Made in Korea"!!! which means that those tools actually came from the future too. ES was shocked and asked,"What is this??!!" Now in the palace, JB tried to go in and meet the king while taking a woodalchi warrior that CY sent to pass the message to the king. The king asked, "did you meet CY? I heard he is caught. Why don't you try to find me before he is caught? are you trying to protect yourself and come back before you get caught too??" He suddenly take out his sword and say, "you deserve to be punished for the crime you did. So kill yourself. The warrior said, "I will kill myself after I tell you CY's message to you. CY said that as your subject, he still can't fulfill all of his duty completely." He tried to kill himself, but lucky that JB stopped him. GC bring ES to a secret room where he keep other tools. GC said, "actually i make a bet with the king, to gain your heart in 7 days." ES said, "you have to save CY." The prison guards are feeling weird actually because CY has been asleep for few days without eating and drinking anything. the sleeping CY is having this dream again. the elder he met said, "did you find what you are looking for?" CY said, "what am I looking for?" Suddenly he was drowned in his dream, but when he woke up, suddenly he feel that he was in a different place. He ask the elder, "where am I? this place is used to be frozen." and then he woke up from his sleep. The king has been thinking about what the warrior told him about CY's message and it rang his bell. he said, "it was not a treason! he is trying to fulfill his mission! call everyone here." So the king called all the officials and said, "The treason. I will do it. I will interogate CY by myself." The officials tried to stopped him, but he said, "this is an order. I will go and meet him by myself." Then he went to the prison to see him. The advisor still tried to stop him, and he asked GC's guard, "why are you tying him like that??" GC's guard said, "it's an order from GC. for him, we prepared a chain made of special metal." King said, "so it means its safe. Then i will enter his jail." He entered, CY saw him and bow to him. King asked, "the duty that I gave you, you said that you haven't finished it yet. are you still on that mission?" CY said, "yes." King said, "last time I gave you 2 missions. the first one is to find evidence. the second one is to find out who I should fight. did you get the answer?" CY said, "yes. I already accomplished the first mission. according to the evidence I found, then you can find out who you should fight. But i still can't find out WHY you should fight." King said, "don't worry. I know why i should fight." Now ES is with SI and GC. She said, "you said you try to gain my heart. So you have to receive my drink." So now she is trying to mix different kinds of alcohol and try to make "explosive wine" (this is a kind of mixture that I personally like too hehehe). I think she will try all she can to make them drunk and away?? In the prison, the guards were checking CY's jail, they saw some blood and thought that CY is dead, so they went into the jail and see, but CY attack them and manage to run away!! After drinking, now ES is having a chitchat with GC. They are guarded with GC's people. But ES said, "Hey, this is a date! in a date, it should be only 2 people. I don't like being followed by all these people." So GC told them to back off and went for a walk together only with ES. ES told him, "in heaven, there is no king. there is only a president. they are chosen by election. each people has the right to choose the person they like." GC said, "how would you know that the candidate is a good person or not?" ES said, "then there is a campaign period for them to promote themselves." Suddenly she saw the yellow flowers, and it remind her of CY. She then tried to pretend to run away, and when she got into the forest and almost slipped, CY protected her!!! but when she realized that someone catch her and when she turned back, CY disappeared!!!! She came back to GC, and went back to his place. He now know the fact that CY ran away from the prison. Now with the help of JB and his people, CY finally meet the king. CY said, "I, Woodalchi warrior, Choi Young, has come. I have one thing to asnwer you, and 1 thing to ask you. You said you already know why you have to fight. May I ask the reason why?" The king answer," for me to become a king." CY said, "but you ARE already a king. Then I will tell you the answer I have, about how you should fight. A king should not fight. A king only command. So command me. and I will fight for you." Now, GC is really mad and broke into the palace to see the king. GC said, "Did CY come here?" King said, "ei, I thought he is under your control. did something happened?" GC went out and found CY. GC asked him to go back for the sake of everyone's live. CY said, "I will die anyway. so I want to live the way I want. Why should I live under your control? wake up. don't sleep. live like a human." The king went to see the queen. He said, "I have a favor. I want to get someone. To get that person, I need your help. So I encouraged myself to come here. I who am not enough, who is pathetic, is asking your help. Would you like to help me?" The next day, GC took ES to come to see the king. The king came in and say, "I will assign you some duty to all the officials here. First, (suddenly he took off his royal robe and change it to a Won royal robe, and Queen came in too with her royal gown. Everyone was shocked, and he said, "wait, I haven't finished yet. for the last 10 years, I left my country Goryeo, and there are some warriors who have been protecting me. Please bring them in." And all woodalchi warriors came in now with CY leading. ES saw him and she was surprised.... END Ep 9 Preview: Ep 9 Recap (09/10): Ep 8 Full Episode: Get Faith episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :) 
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this is my preview, everyone for next episode:
they are all raw eps that's why these recaps are very much appreciated...^^
through a live streaming site... for sbs, here's the link for mbc: for kbs2: and for all: KBS/KBS2/MBC/SBS i don't have a live streaming site for tvn? do you happen to know of one? and i watch it at when they are subbed... they're fast...^^
are there an overall 24 episodes?
i was thinking that too, he never had the will to live before but i think now his found something to live for. I like the way his dreams portray his thoughts/feelings. i wish we could see more interaction between the main leads but i think well have to wait a little
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