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I'll post the screen caps in batch, I've gone crazy clicking away like there's no tomorrow, lol :D And yes you guys probably know by now that the "kiss" never happened. *trolls* But, I won't get stuck with the initial disappointment. I kinda love the "almost kiss" that they had though. Hyuga's attraction towards Makoto is undeniable now like that big pink elephant in the room. The kiss will happen. It just has to happen I mean come on just one kiss writers, one sweet kiss! Talk about not getting stuck with the disppointment, lol :D
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you know, there is something like a policy....no touch (or kiss) generates more tension to the viewer, so this is the reason why Asiatic dramas are so intense....
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@bix2anca yep, totally increases the tension like no other, lol :D funny how our brains work :)
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funny or not, ir matters that it does! working, I mean....at 4 o'clock in the morning, you would be amazed....
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