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RMPW 9 SC2 Poor Woman Homeless Man
So I guess Hyuga sold his empty house to pay for his new office and all the things that goes with it. *I could be wrong* after all my Japanese know how is next to nil, lol :D Now he went knocking on Makoto's door with one luggage in tow and that toy that he just couldn't let go, lol such a child! and then asked if he could stay with her, haha Hyuga how rash! But if that was me I would totally drag him in, in a heartbeat! I don't understand why she couldn't just let him in! Lord knows what shenanigans could've happened, teehee. Anyway so they went to that temple instead where Hyuga usually goes everytime he wants some sort of peaceful solace. Makoto and the monk where talking while Hyuga was sitting in a distance in deep thought. I wanted to give him a big hug :(
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nice screencaps!! good job!!! :)
5 years ago·Reply
@somnia I'm feeling high right now so might as well start posting stuff ;) I can't wait for your recaps!
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let's get the party started!! :D
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a homeless and carefree man lol
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I can not imagine how hard it is to make recap! Thanks @missvetrina :)
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