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I'm just really writing whatever little of the Japanese I could make out of watching this, lol :D So please don't take it too seriously lol ;) Onegaishimasu! ^_^ I think Makoto was starting to worry about Hyuga sorta being lazy and not doing anything at a time like this. So they were talking and I guess Hyuga was telling her "yeah we'll get to it" or whatever *I'm not too sure* lol :D And then after all that talk he said that for now he wants to eat cake from that store outside(???) that's what I thought I heard him say. Cake, lol. *please feel free to correct me* I was just laughing at how cute Hyuga was looking at those cupcakes beside that little boy like he was a little kid himself while Makoto stands outside with straight but flabbergasted look on her face like she can't believe what she was seeing, haha :D Then she gets a phone call from her mother I think? And I couldn't be sure about Hyuga's reaction when he came out and saw this. I don't know what he could've heard. If he knew it was her mother calling and hearing Makoto say "I'm fine" I guess maybe he felt a little guilty about dragging Makoto into this mess with him? Not like it's his fault but still, I mean I would feel the same. After she's done talking she went back to Hyuga with a big smile and pointed happily at the store that sells beer, which of course ended up with Makoto all boozed up and drunk in their new office.
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wow tangming, did you translate the staff's blog? Thank you so much for the info!!!
The shooting ended at 2am last night. and Oguri start today's shooting at 1pm. Scene extras said, at the beginning he looks sleepy and seems to die. and just after the rehearsal finished he became alive,Happily strolling around and playing with the phone. Also he sneaked out to go to the next fountain and took off slippers to wash his feet.swinging off his jacket, oguri wore a vest in front of them, and he was great in shape! standing behind the direcotr, he poke the stars which is in director's clothes Director . He delighted roadside fans with waving. When he started acting when his eyes become very sharp.His acting is fantastic!! what mentioned above is from one of the extras who take part in rich man poor woman today's shooting. And I just see a childish oguri.
Yes!! That he took a straw play is too cute!!! I love this childish Hyuga!
i agree he showed different cute expressions in this episode..Oguri can really act :))
@pnhq lol :D I didn't think my posts would be called recaps but thanks for including me anyways, screecaps more like it with little ramblings here and there for fun. ^_^ two more episode you guys!
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