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I swear these Ass-hina siblings just makes me so mad! I honestly don't understand them, and I don't know if any sob back story could ever make me feel any sympathy especially with Kosuoke. I just don't know. So anyway because the jealous conniving Yoko dragged Hyuga out to see that Makoto is with Asshina in a restaurant and because Hyuga sees Asshina smiling while talking and Makoto does that hand gesture where she puts a strand of her hair behind her ear, of course Hyuga thinks those two must be in good terms or something or worse they might be seeing each other behind his back which I could be right but I don't know for sure. So anyway Hyuga was acting up based on what he just saw and immediately thought that Makoto will leave him too so I think he kind of pushed her away. And Makoto was looking at their framed picture together (the one they took in ep 8) and she was crying while writting stuff on pieces of papers, of what I could not guess. Then later on in the evening Hyuga went back to the office without turning on the lights and thought back of how his mother left him when he was a kid, then Asshina's betrayal, then Makoto and then I think he said something like "they all left me" (???) and he cried! *I swear watching him crying like this breaks my heart* He needs a big hug!
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Lol :D it's like a rough recap of whatever I think I understood, it could all be wrong, hehe but I'm happy to share whatever :)
and quality screenshots!
thanks for the quick recap!!