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Okay so I know, I just praised how good My love from the other start was, but in my love from another stars I laughed and laughed and laughed but in this drama (it's okay that's love, I smiled till my Chiks hurts (I think it's better to laugh than smile, but I don't mind doing both) and I also couldn't stop crying after ep 12, I swear this drama is soo good, that I would pay to go watch a play if I could(although I really like plays) So watch it and if it's not good, then let's have a talk about what your definition of good is. You really have to watch it because it's one of the drama I would suggest to anybody right now
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A lot of my friends watch this drama too!
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@danidee it's over, now I got nothing to watch, I feel like nothing is gonna be better than this
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