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I named this post that way because it reminds of that avatar calling card that Hyuga made for Makoto when got hired back at NI and in this bit of recaps shows how Makoto has become Hyuga's source of I don't know, strength. While Makoto does have her idiotic moments at times, she definitely is the best. She did not let the little misunderstanding stand in her way of staying firmly beside Hyuga and believing in him no matter what. So Huyga turns on the lights in the office and is greeted by all these pieces of papers with writtings on them (Makoto's) taped all over the entire office walls. And then he just stood there for a while, thinking. He was holding out the framed picture of him and Makoto with regret on his face (from what happened earlier on) and at the same time a look of sudden determination. So he put the framed picture on his desk like a proud papa, lol, and turned on all his computer screens and starts taking off the papers off the walls and gathered them all together on his desk and started typing away, Hyuga Toru style! ^_^ I can only guess from what I'm seeing that those writtings that Makoto did might have something to do with building back the Personal File Interface (???) The next day we see Hyuga Toru with a big smile on his face running down the road on his way to the train station because I can only guess again that he wants to see Makoto first thing when she gets off the station *swwoooon* (omg the looks on their faces, now that is love!) All this is like his way of saying "I'm sorry for being a jerk last night and I don't really want you to go anywhere else and I need you so please comeback with me." (waaaaaaaaah my imagination's running wild!) So Makoto was taken aback when he sees Hyuga outside the station obviously waiting for her. *waaaaah* And then they were looking at each other smiling, then all of a sudden Hyuga realizes the gravity of his actions, and walked back to hide in the wall behind him and peek a little at Makoto (I swear I'm in heaven right now! the cuteness of this whole scene is just killing me!) And Makoto just happily smiled back at all this (she's such a cutie!) then she went running where Hyuga was hiding, he's such a baby! And they lived happily ever after. Not. They walked back to their new office ^_^
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