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So Hyuga and Makoto got to the office and he realizes that the door was unlocked so he slowly opens it and they were both surprised to see the trio from NI, I only remember Yasuoka just because Hyuga can't remember his name the poor guy puts his name on his shirt, lol :D (awww they came to work with Hyuga!) Then Hyuga had his speech which I absolutely don't understand and he was writing something on the wall (I'm kind of partial to this cause it's like Next Innovation, I just thought he would've abandoned anything that would remind him of NI but I guess not) So apparently this is "Wonder Wall" which sounds really nice, a wall that does wonders, lol :D "you're my wonder wall" (from Hyuga to Makoto? weeee!) Makoto was so cute she was so happy Hyuga bought her her own desk and chair :) Then he called her out into back room or something and they were all serious and talking and THEN, the smile that melts a million girls' hearts, omg! I can't wait for @somnia's recaps on this part and the subs!
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