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A cyclists is riding down the bicycle lane in the ever busy NYC when he is suddenly doored by the passenger of a taxi. The cyclist seems to be okay, however, there are problems with his bike and there is damage to the door of the taxi. Everyone seems concerned with the safety of the cyclist, which is a good thing. The girl is very sorry about the incident, and the cyclist is understanding. The only problem is the taxi driver, who claims he notified the girl that a cyclist was coming. I am not an expert on NYC traffic laws, but I assume the taxi is supposed to pull to the side of the road when passengers are exiting. The taxi driver is very angry about the damage of the door and insists the girl is at fault. This particular incidence is why I truly believe it is safer for cyclists to travel in the street as part of traffic, not to the side. It is incredibly difficult to see a cyclist coming at 25mph, especially when your view is limited in the back seat of a cab. Unfortunately cyclists are ticketed in NYC for not riding in the bike lane.
I think right after a crash, you have so much adrenlain going, and maybe shock - that you really aren't able to asses 'if you are alright'. I've had two hard crashes, in both cases i thought i was fine...until after the adrenaline war off.
@GretefulBike This! I always try not to jump to conclusions now when I'm in a crash. I have done the same thing before, thought I was fine, then a few hours later BLAM fractured hand.
front wheel looks bent...maybe it the fish eye on the camera. I ride in Miami and it's not nearly as crazy but still dangerous.
The driver is at fault here. He shouldn't have allowed his passanger to exit the vehicle while he wasn't pulled over to the side.
Bike lanes are not safe at intersections when traffic is turning in front of the cyclist and frequently not signaling, and not safe to ride fast in.
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