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This guy hits the streets to ask for some change. But when he is given any, he turns the tables and gives those giving to him some money back! While the action is small, this is a cool way to raise some awareness of just how few people really take care of the homeless situation.
I will freely admit this brought a tear to my eye, that's such an inspiring idea to give back to those willing to give. So often people who are willing to give to the homeless either with money, food, or community service, never see much in return just knowing that they've helped someone, so being able to give them something like that--especially the man who was homeless himself!--is just so inspiring.
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wow, that's really thought provoking and cool. I'm actually really interested in stuff like helping the homeless bc it's a really complicated issue.
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@pixiedust @AgentCory Yeah I was so touched to see that someone was willing to take a moment and help those that help. theyre often struggling themselves, but still try to help!
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this is just so awesome <3
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