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Growing up I loved watching The Bill Cosby Show. My family liked to gather around our television and laugh together one or two nights a week, so the show always brings back happy nostalgia. 1. Cosby was heavily inspired by his religious upbringing and learned to tell story from hearing Bible passages. 2. Anne Cosby, Bill’s mother, worked as a maid but dreamed of being a teacher. Her passion for knowledge and eduction inspired in Bill a love of learning. 3. Even though he held the highest IQ score for his grade as a child, Cosby was a terrible student. 4. For fans of I Spy did you know Cosby was almost fired from the part?! His portrayal in the pilot was reportedly terrible and it was only his co-star Robert Culp’s insistence that landed him the role. 5. After recovering from near bankruptcy in the 60s and earning himself a hefty nest egg in the 70s, Cosby spent is fortune on adorable show dogs and curated a private collection of African-American art. 6. Cosby’s wife Camille had a huge influence, both on him as well as The Cosby Show. Without Camille’s input Cliff and Clair Huxtable might have been a limo driver and plumber respectively. 7. Cosby never let the memory of his deceased son Ennis fade. He kept memorabilia of him throughout his life including pictures in all of his four homes.
Bill Cosby is the man. No doubt.
I loved this show
that's really cool, I wouldn't have know a lot of this actually especially the parts about education.
I'm happy he was so concerned about education even though the school system was hard for him.
Why did he spend his fortune on show dogs? lol....I can understand the art but not the dogs hahaha
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