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Ashley Tisdale, former Suite Life and High School Musical star, will be producing a new kind of show. It Started With HELLO will be an interactive web series following the stories of couples and how they met. In the article Ashley shares her vision of the show, which is a collaborative project with Lindt HELLO chocolates. Huffington Post interviewers asked her what they can expect from the show, and she replied "I think it’s really cool that the viewers get to choose their own ending. I think it’s something that kind of actually brings in the audience, and they get to feel a part of it.” It Started With HELLO will premier on YouTube and include such famous YouTubers as Tessa aka meekakitty and Lindsey Sterling. Personally I adore Ashley, and I adore web series, so to see her producing one is really exciting and I’m hopeful for how it will turn out.
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Producing her own web series, that sounds so interesting! And I love the chocolate tie in, I'll definitely keep an eye out for it!
Sounds like this could be really cute!
I forgot how much I missed Ashley!
@AgentCory yeah I was really surprised when I watched the trailer, but I'm really curious. @pixiedust as I said I actually love her and I love when people recognize the legitimacy of web series. @caricakes here's hoping! @kristenadams same, same.
@uberwren I'm not sure I've ever seen a web series before, have you watched a lot of them?