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So I got my friend to help with the translation since I'm dying to know what happens but couldn't find the jpn raw >_< . For those who want to see the raw here it is . FYI it's in taiwanese ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The chapter started with Tomoe losing consciousness as he's embraced by Nanami. Her body temperature makes him feel safe and warm. A kid appeared and asked who the boy is. Nanami asked him to call the doctor quickly as Tomoe is in critical condition. As she runs back she keeps thinking if only she didn't lose the bag then she could save tomoe. Nanami: "Please don't die, please!" Yukiji is waiting in front of the house and asked what happened to the kid Nanami is holding. Nanami tolder her he got hurt by the riverside and they need to call the doctor right away. Yukiji stopped her pointing the knife at Nanami: "Wait, I've never seen him before. This kid is not from our village. You should leave him alone. He could be the fox demon that everyone is looking for. You need to turn him in." Nanami says she can't turn him in and begs Yukiji to help her. Yukiji finally agreed to help. The doctor is amazed that Tomoe is still alive despite having the kind of wound he got. The doctor says he did everything he could so the rest is up to the boy (Tomoe). Yukiji told Nanami to stop hiding and comes out. Nanami apologized and said she'll take care of the water bowl Yukiji is carrying. Yukiji says, "That kid won't last long with that kind of injury. It won't be strange if he dies so when he wakes up make him his favorite food." Nanami remembers Tomoe's favorite food and smiles. While Tomoe is unconscious he hears Nanami says: "It's ok. I made your favorite food so please wake up soon." Nanami is cleaning the house when the boy asked why she's doing that since she's a guest. Nanami says this is the least she could do since they let her stay and even agreed to take in the boy she brought back. The kid wonders why Tomoe sleeps for so long and when he'll wake up. He asks what the kid (Tomoe's name) is. Nanami got flustered and made up some random name. Nanami continues cleaning and thinks they have to leave this place as soon as Tomoe wakes up. Then she hears someone yelling. Some townsmen came and accused Yukiji for hiding the fox demon as someone saw she took in an injured boy and they're sure that's the fox demon transformed. They demand her to hand him over. Nanami is about to run out but the boy stops her saying don't come out and leave it to Yukiji. Yukiji told them the boy was hurt by the fox demond by the riverside so she helped him. Yukiji: "it happened because you people couldn't kill the fox demon so if you understand then get out of here and go find the fox demon." Townsmen: It seems you don't know what's going on yet. If you don't hand him over then you will considered as a demon follower. I'm just trying to protect you here. Yukiji: Don't touch me with your dirty hands! If the boy is truly the fox demon I'll deliver him to you myself. Yukiji's dad came out and asked what's the commotion about. Townsmen: There's a fox demon hiding in your house! Dad: Don't say nonsense. How can we have such a thing in our house, isn't that right Yukiji? Yukiji: That is so, otou-sama. The mean townsmen retreated for the time being. The doctor wonders how Tome got hurt like this. He doesn't think Tomoe can endure the pain for long. Nanami got worried and decides to go look for the bag. The townsmen saw Nanami and think it's Yukji who's swimming in the river. Nanami tries to look for the bag but can't find it. The townsmen grabs Nanami's hand and asks her what she's doing in this kind cold weather. They want to interrogate her where the fox demon is. Nanami (yanked his hand off and cooly says): I'm busy so don't bother me. Mean townsman lifted Nanami up and declared he's gonna find out whether Nanami is human or demon! He's threatening Nanami. She bites his hand and tries to escape. Nanami thinks in her head: "Please someone save me!". Tomoe appears in his original form saying "Don't you dare touch these girl." The evil townsman suddenly have trouble breathing. Then Tomoe disappeared. Nanami thinks: "Where did he go? It's impossible…" The boy who is taking care of Tomoe heard him mumbles something but he's still unconscious. Nanami finally found the bag. Next chapter will come out on Sept 20
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