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Artist Uldus Bakhtiozina uses photographs to poke fun at societal norms in her native Russia. A glimpse into Russian youth culture and a short, fun reminder not to take ourselves too seriously. My absolute favorite quote from her presentation is "But remember, irony is the key, and this is actually to motivate girls to fight for goals, for dreams, and change stereotypes. Be brave. Be ironic — it helps. Be funny and create some magic." You can read the full transcript here:
Way to rock it!! I love her outfit and hair, too not that that's the most important thing :)
She clearly loves what she does. I love people that are passionate about their art!
I loved the story of the 12 year old dancer.
this is so funny! its great that she doesn't feel ashamed that she's not fitting the norms but encouraging others to fight and be themselves
This is incredible! She's doing so much to break down stereotypes and encourage people to be who they are, while also being hilarious SO COOL!
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