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RMPW 9 Subtitles Preview
Eric Paroissien just posted the preview video for the subs! It always gets me so excited. He's the best! Give him at shout out on twitter you guys @EricParoissien I was beaming while watching this first 2 minutes 45 seconds preview because it's the "almost kiss" scene! and what Hyuga says while he was walking away! Aaaaah, I thought I'm sober already but I'm still hung over, lol :D
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wow I was gonna put it up but you're ahead of me!!
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@soula81 lol :D I was up early when I checked my phone, I was greeted by this! :)
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@missvetrina and @soul81, thank you both, you guys rock!,
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you guys have no idea! I had a dream yesterday when I saw a scene Hyuga hugging Makoto!!! could this be some kind of premonition???
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