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Just wondering, do you guys have an anime OST that is quite unforgettable and memorable that made YOU still listen to it until now, even when the show itself is over looong ago? cos I do. UVERworld - colors of the heart [Blood ost] Bury (pay money for my pain) [One outs ost] Tomoko tane - broken wings [Trinity blood OST] sorega ai deshou [Fullmetal panic ost] L'arc en Ciel - daybreak's bell [gundam 00 ost] Ishikawa Yui - azurite [heroic age ost] Akeboshi - wind [naruto ost] all Rouroni Kenshin OST almost all Bleach OST almost all D-Gray Man OST almost all Gundam OST these all in my most playing list (too many huh)
I lissen to a lot of them in my playlist
Tsuna Awakens.
kuuso mesorogiwi from mirai nikki all fma brotherhood openings
I still listen to these soundtracks a lot. Naruto OSTs Naruto Shippuden OSTs Jigoku Shoujo OSTs Fairy Tail OSTs Tsubasa Chronicle OSTs Record of Lodoss War Arjuna Saber Marionette J FMA One Piece Vision of Escaflowne
Magic Knight Rayearth OST - Yuzurenai Nega
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