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It starts! wow Joonhee becomes a judge! All Taewoong gave to Yoonjae were house and onata.(Sonata, a car, "S" was disappeared, Shiwon gave it to Yoonjae haha). Taewoong earned lots of money with "I like school" website. And he launched another new service, cyland. lol (We have a sns, cyworld.) Hakchan still studys in the States. Sungjae works as a public service worker. Yoojeong becomes a teacher in kindergarden. Joonhee becomes a resident in hospital. Ane the last, Shiwon, Yoonjae doesn't know shiwon's news. Last 6 years, he didn't hear any news of her. Actually, Yoonjae tried to not to know Shiwon's news. But today! They meet each other!! - Server : Whipped cream? - Yoonjae : Give me a lotttt ! Shiwon heard Yoonjae's voice ! Wow! They see each other !! > - Shiwon : Long time no see. - Yoonjae : uh... How have you been? - Shiwon : well.. I was okay, and you? - Yoonjae : Me,too. - Shiwon : Well.. What are you doing here? - Yoonjae : I have something to do. - Shiwon : wow you don't speak dialect anymore. - Yoonjae : yes, but not you. - Shiwon : Haha, anyway, do you have a girlfriend? - Yoonjae : ..Yes.. Hmm.. Really? Shiwon called to somebody! - Shiwon : Hey joonhee, it's me. Does Yoonjae have a girlfriend? Ah, okay! -Yoonjae : (So embarrassed) girl friend! just a friend.hahaha. - Shiwon : Friend? Friend?? bullshit! (Yoonjae's monologe) because of her ! I didn't go to school reunion, In parent's day, I went home a day before. I did everything to not to meet her! But ! But !! Sung Shiwon! What a bad girl !! Everything goes back to the past! -------- (Yoonjae & Joonhee's home) -Yoonjae : Wow ! How did she know? I said, I have a girlfriend! How did she call you?? And why did you said that I don't have a girlfriend?? -Joonhee : ... Are you a dumb? How do you be a judge? I said that you have a girlfriend! A guilty conscience needs no . Idiot! off the hooks! - Yoonjae : ... WHAT??(goat's AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - ------------------------------------------------------------------ Yoojeong's father passed away. All friends meet together. Oh, Shiwon's father's car changed. Omg it was Yoonjae! He bought this car for Shiwon's father with his first salary! - Hahahaha Shiwon's father found Shiwon's cigarette. Yoonjae said that it's his but Shiwon's father didn't believe ------------------------------------------------------------------- - Shiwon calls to somebody. oppa?? Oh NO!! It's Taewoong! Now he works in the Seoul National University. (He's a professor.) He brang a cake. - Shiwon : Did you buy this? - Taewoong : No, a teaching assistant gave it to me. - Shiwon : Haha is she pretty? - Taewoong : You are prettier than her. - Shiwon : Don't say like that! Do you want me to lose chances of getting married?? - Taewoong : It's my wish! - Shiwon : What? A sly! You were very pure before! - Taewoong : ..Then, can I be serious? - Shiwon : ... (You are just Daddy-Long-Legs to me....) [In 1999] - Taewoong : (He gave a key to Shiwon.) You don't have to feel pressure. - Shiwon : Oppa.. I have something to say to you.... - Taewoong : ..? - Shiwon : I like you very much but that's it. My heart doesn't go pit-a-pat. I am young so I don't know what is love but.. my heart goes pit-a-pat to other side..Sorry.. - Taewoong : I don't want to say that I want something to you. I'll wait for you. I'll be a Daddy-Long-Legs to you like now. ------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Shiwon's home] - Yoonjae : You know, I don't have parents. Everybody feel sympathy but your parents always treat me like their son. - Shiwon : (Smile) Because of you, I become a undutiful daughter. Utterly useless! - Yoonjae : So I disappeared for you. - Shiwon : Then, disappeared forever. - Yoonjae : ..well.. - Shiwon : - Yoonjae : ..? - Shiwon : You... Do you still like me?? - Yoonjae : ....Next time... Let's talk about it next time..Good night And he left. ------------------------------------------------------- Next morning, Yoonjae and Shiwon waited for Joonhee. They planned to go to Busan. Joonhee said, I am so busy, so he couldn't go together. Yoonjae and Shiwon took Yoonjae's car. Actually, it's Taewoong's car. - Shiwon : You're so amazing! You bought a nice car for my father. but you still use this junk car? Nice brothers~ - Yoonjae : ..Taewoong didn't want to sell this car. because he has lots of memory with you. - Shiwon : .... ------ Oh ! Actually, it was Joonhee's day off! He didn't go to Busan together on purpose! And Joonhee wanted to move to new place. Does he want to leave Yoonjae? (In the car) Yoonjae explained about a song. But Shiwon didn't listen it. She stared at Yoonjae's key ring. There was "S" mark that Shiwon gave to Yoonjae in 1998. - Yoonjae : Grow up ! Your oppas splited up. Do you want to listen their song? - Shiwon : Hey.. - Yoonjae : Why? Do you want to go to bathroom? - Shiwon : Answer me. Do you still like me? - Yoonjae : ... - Shiwon : Do you STILL like me? - Yoonjae : ....What about you? - Shiwon : (Looking at Yoonjae) - Yoonjae : Why do you ask it to me? Do you like me? - Shiwon : ..Yes.. I like you. - Yoonjae : ..!!!!!.. - Shiwon : I like you, not as a friend, as a man. Yoonjae stopped a car. - Shiwon : I answered to your question.And you? - Yoonjae : .. - Shiwon : Do you still like me? - Yoonjae : .. - Shiwon : Answer to the question ! -------------------------------------------- [Yoojeong's father's funeral.] Yoojeong cried at the back seat of the bus. Oh I remember this scene. When Hakchan first asked Yoojeong out, there was a similar scene. Wow Yes! Hakchan came back! ----------- (Yoonjae's monologue) I forgot. She is the person that if she like something, express directly. I want to say that I like her. I wish that she is my girlfriend. but everytime, I hesitate. But there is no next time. Life is not that long that saying about unexpected future. --------------------------------------------------------- Taewoong will have a small surgery. Protecter is Shiwon. Shiwon and Joonhee went to stairs. There was a chair called "A chair of the truth." There is a caution sign. Lots of people cried here so before they cried, they had to be careful. If not, someone would watch at the top of the stairs. - Shiwon : Right? Then, I want to be honest to myself. Joonhee-ya... - Joonhee : I know that you also like Yoonjae. - Shiwon :... - Joonhee : Maybe I knew that earlier . - Shiwon : ..And you? - Joonhee : I have to break my first love illusion.^^ I'll move to new place. - Shiwon : But he will be disappointed. What will you say? - Joonhee : No idea.. - Shiwon : .. I'm really sorry.. You would be really hard. I don't know what I do to you.. I'm really sorry. - Joonhee : Why do you say sorry to me? I'm okay. You and Yoonjae, You two are good friend to me..(Someone called Joonhee) Oh I have to go OH NO!!!!!!!! At the top of the stairs, there was Yoonjae! He heard everything!!!!!!!!!! ======================= EP 13 was over! Lots of stories! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EP 14 starts ! - Hakchan confessed again to Yoojeong! OH>_< ------------------------------------- [In the hospital] - Taewoong's an operating surgeon was a woman! The surgery will have an embarrassed posture. lol And it seemed that she like Taewoong. --------------------------------- Yoonjae and Shiwon went to eat lunch. - Yoonjae : Don't sniffle. It's dirty. - Shiwon : (She wants to get angry but) I am guilty so I'll not say anything.. - Yoonjae : what is that? - Shiwon : ...I didn't know that whom I like. - Yoonjae : ... - Shiwon : In this case, how can you decide the sentence? - Yoonjae : life imprisonment. - Shiwon : What?? - Yoonjae : Not you, it's me. Because of you, I live in the prison. There is no way to escape. And Yoonjae left. -------------------------------------------- [In the morning] - Joonhee : (To Yoonjae) Wake up and eat breakfast! I prepared it and I want to say something to you. awkward atmosphere - Yoonjae : Taewoong has a lecture in your hospital. Did you ask it? - Joonhee : Yes. I asked. He's amazing! - Yoojae : Yes. He's always right. Everytime, he choose right thing, his work, his love... - Joonhee : .. So, You don't give your heart to Shiwon because of your brother? Because Taewoong chose Shiwon? Love somebody, it's not the matter of choice. Heart commands love. Shiwon likes you and you,too. I can understand why you avoid her. But what's the matter to Shiwon ? You like Shiwon for a long time and Shiwon didn't know that. It's her fault? Why do you thing so? It happened. Sometimes, we don't know that someone like us. Still, you like her a lot. Then, it's over. You don't have to hesitate much. There is no answer. Why do you want to find another decision? Don't regret after you decide, don't excuse your brother. Heart commands love...It was not what I wanna say but I'll say it later. --------------------------------------------------------- Yoonjae went to hospital and met Shiwon. They went to the chair of the truth. - Shiwon : This is the chair of the truth! - Yoonjae : ...Shiwon-ah, Taewoong still like you, you know that, right? - Shiwon : ... - Yoonjae : He still wait for you. - Shiwon : ..I know.. So what? - Yoonjae : ..? - Shiwon : Not your brother, what about you? - Yoonjae : ... - Shiwon : I'm sorry to him but I don't care. To me, Taewoong is the closest person. But the only one that I care is you. I don't need other explain. Just I want to ask.. Do you still like me? - Yoonjae : ... - Shiwon : Answer in 3 seconds! - Yoonjae : .. - Shiwon : 1 - Yoonjae : .. - Shiwon : 2 Then ! Yoonaje turned around and kissed to Shiwon !!!!!!!!!!!! Shiwon was surprised but after that, she smiled! Yoonjae didn't kow whay to do. But she looked so happy! - Shiwon : (She gave her medicine to Yoonjae) 30 minutes after meals. Now I get well ^^ Yoonjae smiled and they kissed again !!! Oh noooo Oh Yes ! ---------------------------- [Yoonjae and Joonhee eat dinner together] Joonhee made a strange excuse for his moving. - Yoonjae : I see. You don't lie. If you say that, okay. Yoonjae accepted Jonhee's moving without saying anything so Joonhee felt sorry. - Joonhee : I'll move this week. You don't have to be there. - Yoonjae : Okay. - Joonhee : You dont feel sad?? - Yoonjae : Why do I have to? Will you avoid me? If you want to leave me, you can't. I'll chase you. We are good friends. Yes.. Joonhee's first love ended like this.. ----------------------------------- Shiwon called to Joonhee. Joonhee went to near the chair of the truth. - Joonhee : Hello? Shiwon-ah, Yes, he didn't say that much...Oh really? Wow! So it's 8 years after you guys first kissed?? Okay okay, I see. OH NO!!! This time, there was Taewoong on the floor!!!!!! Did he catch up every situation? His brother or his love?! ---------------------------------- [2012, again] Shiwon's father called to Shiwon - Shiwon's father : How dare! You only send $90 to me? transfer your husband! What a bad screenwriter!!!!!!!! This time, Both of Taewoong and Yoonjae get the phone! One of them was answering to Shiwon's father and The other side, just a random call. So, who is Shiwon's husband? WHO????? ========================================= Today's EPs are over ! This is my first recaps for Answer to 1997. I really like this drama bacause I'm from Busan ,too and I also had similar school days. So I want to share this drama with you>_< I know that there are some Vinglers who like this drama :) Of course my English and explanation was bad. They spoke so fast !!! But I'm happy to do this ^-^ Feel free to share this with other fans. If it's possible, I'll try recap next week,too. We have to wait another week ! Until then, let's talk a lot about this drama XD It's 1:15 am XD I have to sleep~ Good night !
@YChase007 i got ep 13 engsub from but ep 14 hasn't translated, i'll check from drama fever then :D, thanks
@AnnaHyun or
I really love this drama, i'm dying searching for eng sub for this drama, then again i found live recap from vingle, thanks for sharing :D
thank u for the recaps..i hope u will do recaps for the next episode too..i will stay tune..thank u :)
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