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Ep 9 Recap is here --> Another vingler is helping us to make the recap, her name is njkim! I am so sorry because I can't cope up with my work. I did a lot of overtime lately, so I can't be consistent for recap...*sob sob* but I will try my best to make previews (if I am home before the drama finish!) Ep 1 Recap: 
 Ep 2 Recap: Ep 3 Recap: Ep 4 Recap: Ep 5 Recap: Ep 6 Recap: Ep 7 Recap: Ep 8 Recap: Get Faith episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :) 
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hi:) I'm ur new vingler who gonna recap Faih from today:) plz come to my page and enjoy:)
this is her card guys:
hello vinglers im sorry i am soooo busy with my work, and lately i can't come back home when faith other vingler will actually help us!!! this is her page!