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Answer me 1997 ep 15-16 [preview]
Joonhee: Yoonjae also said he liked you Yoonjae: Hyung, actually.. Taewoong: You like Shiwon right? Taewoong: Even though in this world, you are my most beloved brother, i won’t give up on her. (I won’t give in when it comes to women) Yoonjae: Hyung, i also won’t give up. I can’t give up on Shiwon. omg.. it's the end now.. ep 15: while i loved you .... ep 16:The reason why first loves don’t last... these titles scare me.. i'm rooting for shiwon-yoonjae.. first loves are not always futile.. sometime they mean more than a summer and more than a fling.. sometimes the person whom you've shared your best of memories is the person you should spend your life with.. please let them be together..
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my brother actually mocked me all night.... because i was smiling and giggling while reading the recap and subsequent posts.. he still doesn't believes that i was so happy because of a drama and thinks it is a person... i'm going crazy!! *goat sound*
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it goes the same way with me, in my case, whenever i laugh or giggle, my kids looks at me like i've become a looney and asks me if i'm okay... lol.. well it's either i'm watching the vid or reading the recaps...^^
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@YChase 007 - when I followed your link I was so surprised about the loss of so many energy to find out what's the end of the drama....who's her husband.... If I would have the power I could hire you in CSI : NY because they seem to need some back up, some freshness, some new spirit...:)
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my coworker always looking at me in the weird eyesight, coz i'm always laughing and crying while watching this drama, OMG i really love Yoonjae and Shiwon character, i hope they could become one, Taewoong should choose the doctor from hospital, not Shiwon T_T
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@box2anca The powers of extreme research... especially when obsessed lol I have like six different go to sources. ENews by far has the most up to the minute post on relations to 1997.
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