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this performance of his is really captivating... it is awesome... it's like he's making love with his drums and his music... lol this video was taken in 2009..
wow.. just finished reading your link about jay park and 2 pm... one of my fave korean bands out there... so that's what happened... thanks for the info...
yes. Try to research about Jay Park and what happened to him why he left 2pm. Artist, fans and friends of jay park send encouragement to the singer while he goes through tough times. I feel for Jay Park. He didn't deserve that Netizens!
oh was that the reason? i didn't know, thank you ejna for the info...^^
Min woo is so sweet... at the last portion he said comeback Jae Bum (Jay Park), because of the issues being pressed on Jay Park he was forced to leave his band. How thoughtful of Min woo. Amazing Drummer boy.
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