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This is a hot place of Itaewon in these days! Usually, 'Korean style' pizza has a lot of toppings (like PizzaHut and Mr.Pizza) and thick dough unless you order a thin pizza. But here, you can have more traditional pizza which you can get in Italy, yet still having good amount of toppings which Koreans like :) I guess that's why many people love to go here! Since it's soooo poplular, you have to wait a long time to get in. But I've heard that they will open the second store soon! yayy! To go here, take the subway line 6 and get off at "HanGangJin(한강진)" station, then go out to the exit 1. After that, go straight and take a right when you see the Audi shop :) Then you will find this place at the end of the alley!