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Do you like eating bar snacks rather than drinking alcohol? Then, this place is HEAVEN to you! It is a bar franchise, so you can find it(named WARA WARA) almost every busy street in Seoul :) The food in this picture is called "Tteok-Bok-E(떡볶이)", small rice cakes marinated with spicy sauce. It's very common street foods, but I've found many foreign friends who don't like rice cakes :/ so you may wanna try different food rather than this. But don't worry! They will give you tons of choices! (^0^) Even though I'm Korean, I don't really like the taste of Soju(소주) which is a typical Korean drink. But if you wanna try Soju with some yummy foods, try WARA WARA! P.S = WARA means "COME" in Korean! not sure whether they meant it when they named their store :D