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Eun Oh: What are these talismans? Lady Seo: What’s meant to come to pass has finally arrived. It’s all because of you! Joo Wal: I confirmed that she stopped breathing! But I don’t know how she resurrected and then ran away. Lady Seo: A dead person that resurrected? The King of Hell: The humans in the human realm cannot track it. Jade Emperor: Don’t we have that child? The secret final weapon. Arang: Why are you still chasing after me? Moo Young: Woo Ryung, could it be you? Lady Seo: The seal has been broken and they will quickly find it. You guys are finally of use now. Arang: Magistrate, you can’t lose consciousness!
yep, it's tonight!! get ready guys...^^ @soula81, neaa dongsaeng and lavieenrose... do you happen to know the tv ratings for reply 1997, faith, arang, to the beautiful you, five fingers, may queen and heundae lovers? hope someone knows coz i'm really curious what's the viewer's share of our fave dramas...^^
its arang night!!
OHHHH I can't wait!