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Hello this is So Yoon :) This is EP 27. I'm not perfect in English but I will do my best ! Then see you at 10p.m CHARATER: Gangto/ Shunji/Mokdan/ Gimurataro(Taro)/Yangbak../Dongjin? actually I don't know exactly about the characters ㅜㅜ if I use the word like That man or that grandfather.. like that please understand me. I don't know the previous stories of bridal-mask. let's start !! Gangto enter someone's home very carefully. oh it is in Taro's home. They meet each other. some assasins try to kill kangto. I come here to kill you because you killed my parents. Gangto says. and he kills Taro. Taro says Japan will forever even if I dead right now. And soon Shumji comes to the house and Gangto goes away. Two men fight each other very fiercely.ㅜnㅜ (Take care Gangto!!!!) There is a chance to kill Shunji for Gangto.. but he can't because they were really close friend long time ago.... One grandmother comforts Shunji. Shunji sees Taro..He cried so much because of his father's death.. "Father I'm sorry....ㅜㅜ" Mokdan waits Gangto..She really worries about him. She prepares the lunch for Gangto. and she asked what happened to you. Gangto telles the truth that I killed Taro who shunji's father. He thinks I will see shunji again sometime...because Shunji never gives up to find me.. Shunji decides to kill Gangto surely in front of his father's picture. One grandfather calls to Shunji and that orders that you can kill Mokdan and control your anger. The grandfather command something to his daughter. (something maybe go to the Shunji?) In Taro's funeral It is mistake the grandfather says to Shunji you can kill his daughter !!!! not Mokdan... sorry everyone ㅜnㅠ my mistake But he doesn't kill the woman he says I can control my anger without killing you. The grandfather wants to punish her daughter because she concealed Gangto. The grandfather and his coworkers discuss about the draft from koreans. Studetns soldiers who were drafted into army forcely from Japan. Gangto and his coworkers discuss how we rescue the student soldiers. They plan to cause a Dongjin rebellion. Taro has hot eyed to find hindout of Gangto Dongjin..Yangbak. He says I must find the hindout. Taro sees someone by chance. And he learns intuitively it is related to the woman who wears a green dress. They dragged the woman and the guy into torture chamber. Shunji asked why he who is seen in the street comes to your shop? The guy who wears purple vest.... is tortured...ㅜnㅜ And the guy tells the key information that Gangto and his coworkers will attack the farewell of soldiers. The guy sorries to her because he told the truth.. He says I was reall afraid.... The woman decided to close their shop..because of her weakness. Shunji tells the key info to the his boss and he hatches a plot to catch Gangto. Tomorrow is the day of the farewell of soldiers and Gangto asked the 10 armies to go with. but..they don't know that their enemies know their plan. Mokdan and Gangto smiles looking each other. Gangto says close your eyes and gives a flower ring. and says..."Would you merry me ? ...>d<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yangbak will officiate our wedding." Mokdan says Okay I'm satisfied wherever I'm with you. and they kiss.....>///////< The grandfather will punish her daughter...soon.. His daughter doesn't bung off because here is the kingdom of the power..she likes authority..and power... Her worrier tells his mind to her. but she tells that I like the man who has power.. authority. In the day, farewell of soldiers. Bridal-mask appears to rescue the student soldiers and fight with them. Shunji sees it behind the wall. The guy who wears black clothes says, If you guys want to fight for our independance, follow us !!!! Some member of the soldiers actually Shunji's side. They camouflage to know the hideout of Gangto and his coworkers. Yangbak support the guys in front of them to achieve independance. All members of Dongjin association way to go! Mokdan and some womans say about Mokdan's wedding. Two suspicious man report all the things to Shunji. And they plan to attack the hideout tomorrow! ㅜnㅜ (tomorrow is gangto and mokdan's wedding) Shunji report to the boss about hideout and their plan The boss wonders why didn't you kill my daughter? Shunji says I don't care about her but I have something to tell you. Her life depands on me, So even if you are.. you can't kill your daughter. Shunji talks with his daughter he says about tomorrow's plan and he will kill Gangto. His daughter says if you kill Gangto, Mokdan will be really desperated.. But Shunji strongly denys because i will be with her !!!!!!! Yangbak gives formal dresses to Gangto and Mokdan. They are expected :) On the other hand. Shunji prepares to attack Gangto and his coworkers and he requests that you guys have to catch alive Mokdan and Gangto and Yangback. He says Gangto will be killed only by me!!!!! The end ㅜnㅜ i'm really expected tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wonder what happends to them. And a flower ring means it is made by flower , real plant :) It was really fasioned when I was a elementary school student I will post the picture with this card just wait a minute ><
you did a great job! I updated your name on the list of live recap on Vingle here http://www.vingle.net/posts/45563-List-of-Drama-Live-Recap-on-Vingle :)
thanks :)
nylamrehs thank you :)))
tiffany87 thanks for your support :) and if that happens, i also won't forgive the scripwriter !!
tiffany87 I posted this picture on this recap >a< yes I prefectly agree with your opinion!!!!!
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