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Lee Min Ho’s sad tears flooded the small screen. In the seventh episode of SBS’ Faith, aired on September 3, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) killed Kyung Chang (Choi Won Hong) with his own knife to help him die a quick and painless death. In the day’s episode, Gi Chul (Yoo Oh Sung) secretly sought out Kyung Chang and handed him some poison, blackmailing him into getting Choi Young to drink the poison in exchange for his life. Kyung Chang, however, decided that the only way to help Choi Young survive was to kill himself, and drank the poison that had been given him. After learning that Kyung Chang had chosen to die in Gi Chul’s scheme, Choi Young choked back tears and told Kyung Chang about the Sky World (the future), his favorite topic. He then stabbed his former master with his own knife to end the pain. Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) witnessed Kyung Chang’s death, and, mistaking Choi Young’s forced indifference for coldness, turned down the hand he had reached toward her. After the broadcast aired, viewer boards were flooded with posts surprised by Lee Min Ho’s convincing tears and the unexpected twist in the story. ‘My tears flowed with his; so sad!’, ‘Kyung Chang’s death was so shocking. This was completely unexpected!’ and ‘What happens if Choi Young is taken to be a traitor? I’ll have to tune in on Tuesday again!’ the viewers said. Near the end Gi Chul did make Choi Young get down on his knees after branding him as a traitor. Choi Young fought against Gi Chul with the knowledge that it was he who had killed Kyung Chang. Gi Chul’s power, however, broke through Choi Young’s shield, making him helpless. Choi Young in the end had no choice but to throw away his sword and get down on his knees.
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