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Yuki didn't come to class. Utsumi is worried and came her house and rang the doorbell. He got a call from Yuki who apologized about what happened yesterday. She's afraid that if she sees him she'll rely on him even more so it's better if they talk through the phone. Utsumi asked what she's gonna do. Yuki says she still can't grasp the situation and is confused. But she's thankful that Utsumi was with her at that time (when she met Tohru). She wouldn't have been able to bear with it if it weren't for him. Utsumi is at home, unable to think at anything else but what he can do for Yuki. Then he got a text from Shou who wants to meet so he decided to call her. Next day, the two of them meet and Shou asks for a kiss. Utsumi hesitated but gave her a kiss anyway and quickly says let's go. Shou wonder if something happened since Utsumi seems like he is bothered by something. Utsumi says it's nothing. Then they went to karaoke but Utsumi's mind is occupied with Yuki and what she said. Shou notices it but doesn't know it's because of Yuki. She takes initiative and kisses him. Shou confesses that she went to the hospital to see Kento. Utsumi is confused because she told him she wouldn't go. Shou explains it's because she feels guilty that Kento gets into an accident because of her. Then she changes the topic and goes out to get more drink leaving the shocked Utsumi behind. Utsumi is confused and at loss at what to do. He thinks he has to decide between Shou and Yuki and his feelings for them. When Shou comes back, Utsumi told her: "I think in the end we're just licking each other's wound…"* *Utsumi is basically saying they're only going out with each other in order to comfort themselves from their heartbreak leave credit and link back if you take this outside of Vingle translated by raw from
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someone from mangahere stole my summary without crediting!!
wow now I know what Utsumi said at the end
thank you!! this is the best manga I'm still following!