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The popularity of tvN’s hit drama Reply 1997 was shown once again when the ending of the novel, Daddy-Long-Legs, became one of the most searched topics on September 5. The reason was because of episode 14, which also aired on September 5. Sung Si Won (A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji) tells Yoon Tae Woong (Song Jong Ho) that although she likes him, she doesn’t have any heart-fluttery feelings for him. Not wanting to let her go, Yoon Tae Woong tells her that he’ll be like her Daddy-Long-Legs, staying by her side and taking care of her until she’s ready to accept him. Six years later, Sung Si Won says that Yoon Tae Woong is still her Daddy-Long-Legs to which Yoon Tae Woong replies, “Do you know the ending to Daddy-Long-Legs?” At the end of the episode, Sung Si Won receives a package with the book, Daddy-Long-Legs. Upon reading the ending, Sung Si Won puts on a frustrated and complicated expression, making viewers become curious to how the novel Daddy-Long-Legs ends. After the broadcast, viewers began searching for the ending on various portal websites, making ‘The End of Daddy-Long-Legs’ enter into the top ten topics searched on the real-time charts. The novel, Daddy-Long-Legs, was published in 1912 by American writer, Jean Webster. The story is about Judy Abbott, an orphan, who received help from an anonymous and wealthy sponsor. They write letters to each other end up falling in love when they meet at the end of the story. With the original novel ending with Daddy-Long-Legs falling in love with the heroine, viewers are curious to whether or not Sung Si Won will end up with Yoon Tae Woong, instead of Yoon Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk). Whether or not the ending of Reply 1997 will conclude like Daddy-Long-Legs will be revealed on September 18, when the final episode will air.
without seeing Ha Ji Won as the lead in the movie, is like knowing statue of Liberty from tv only....
please.,.. no.. we have already alot to worry about.. why make the suspense so dense.. it's yoonjae and shiwon.. and i'm fighting till the end
@soula81: Yah... I read it last night and I was hoping to see it via Youtube but its not there... :( may be I have to wait a few more days. Thanks!
it reminds me of kmovies with the same title, "dady long legs" which have unhappy ending since the daddy long legs died in the end :( well hope that the drama will be happy ending though
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